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February 04 2018

tfw ur own shadow literally scares u

cracks the fuck up abt getting two coffee shop au asks

February 02 2018

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Yellow gaster with some buttercups for the holidays! 

Green Gaster will bring in the holiday spirits, so stay tuned for the next <3

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it’s a nice thought

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Shiny Fire Foxes

ah fuck. 

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now mercy’s really off the table.



it’s 20 fucking 18 and I’m still mad about how many fanworks misinterpreted the scene where sans “spares” you during the no mercy run fight

I got exactly one piece of validation and that’s as much as I need

so there was a bunch of fan animations and comics and so on where Frisk like breaks through the control of the siiiinister Chara for a moment and runs to Sans and he looks heartbroken but Does What Must Be Done and so on and like…

sans isn’t targeting Frisk’s emotions. There’s no honest attempt at getting through, there. It’s not really about the “you’re a murderer” part of No Mercy - it’s about the “you’re a COMPLETIONIST” part. his dialogue before the option is given could be “hey buddy hit spare here and you’ll get a really cool bonus scene, exclusive,” and it’d be conveying the same thing, he’s just framing it as “I can sense you’re still good blah blah blah” to make it less obvious.

so the player, consistent with what Sans expects, picks Spare - but Sans knows damn well that it’s most likely just to see what happens and that you’ll reset right after and go back to murdering, so he gives you a totally angst-and-plot free death where he mocks the hell out of you

and THEN he offers the actual choice.

if it really did appeal to whatever the hell you are - Frisk, Chara, the player - and if the emotional message actually did get through, then you have the choice to quit. to stop there. to reset and do pacifist, or just stop playing UT.

“if we’re really friends, you won’t come back.”

but, of course, you do.

so yeah, the comics shouldn’t show Frisk crying and still good deep down, because the fact is that that’s not why anyone made the choice to spare.


frisk hugging undyne hugging alphys (suggested by anon)

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By Konjyouyaki

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it’s interesting how frisk’s taught several characters that “self-sacrifice is Good”. i somehow never expected that.


this is also a bop

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Pokemon Redesign #037-038 - Vulpix, Ninetales

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